P - Glossary : Sticks of Fire

P - Glossary

Padma: Lotus, lotus flower. Another name for the chakras, because sometimes they are visualized as spoked wheels, and at other times as lotus flowers.

The Guru's sandals, objects of the highest veneration and a figurative term for the Guru's teachings.

Panchakarma: A series of traditional cleansing and balancing treatments.

Panir: A type of soft, fresh cheese.

Paramahansa: Parama meaning 'supreme', hansa - 'soul'. This was the name give to Yogananda by his guru. Who wrote the famous "Autobiography of a Yogi"

Patanjali: The author of Yoga Sutras, the foremost scripture on Raja Yoga, The Yoga of meditation and mind control. He lived around the time of Christ and brilliantly summarized and synthesized the yoga practices of his time.

Phalam: The fruit of Karma, the results, outcome or consequences of our actions.

The dosha governing all digestion, metabolism, and transformation in the body.

The act of worshipful walking around a holy temple, shrine or place. Always done clockwise.

Prajapati: A name for the father of creation and protector of life.

Prana is the energy that animates everything and is a fundamental concept of Hatha Yoga. Prana is also breath, the life force sustaining the body.

Pranayama: Breath control, consisting of conscious inhalation, retention and exhalation. Breathing is the essential element of all yoga.

Prana Vata: The chief subdivision of vata, it governs the mind, the heart, respiration, and life itself.

Prem: Prem is Love, the highest form of Love.

Puja: Hindu Worship; flower offerings.



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