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R - Terms

Raga: in Indian music, a series of five or more notes upon which a melody is based; a particular melody. Ragas evoke particular moods in the listener and are often performed to resonate with a season or time of day.

Raja: meaning royal; a king.

Raja Yoga: royal yoga. The Yoga path of meditation. Hatha Yoga is actually a branch of Raja Yoga.

Rajas Ajas: one of the three Gunas which generates passion and restlessness.

Rakta: one of the seven bodily constituents, mainly the red blood cells.

Rama: very popular hero god who is an avatar of Vishnu, whose story is told in one of the most famous in India - The Ramayana. His wife is Sita.

Ramayana: for the past two thousand years the Ramayana has been among the most important literary and oral texts of South Asia. Telling the story of the banishment, wandering and eventual return of Prince Rama, this epic poem continues to influence the politics, religion and art of modern India.

Rasa: one of the seven bodily constituents, mainly the plasma (clear part of the blood).

Rasa Vaha Srotas: those channels or blood vessels, that carry the plasma throughout the body; includes the coronary arteries in the heart.

Rasayana: herbs, foods, or behaviors that support immunity, good health, and long life; that which causes ojas to be produced.

Restorative Yoga: designed to relieve stress; this is a very slow and relaxing kind of Yoga.

Rig Veda: the oldest of the four sections of the Vedas.

Rishi/Rishikesha: literally "seer"; refers to one who sees the reality of life as described in the Veda and Vedic literature.

Roopam: outer beauty.



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