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N, O - Terms

Nada: Inner sounds that may be heard during advanced stages of meditation; nada may take the form of sounds such as bells, the blowing of a conch, and thunder.

A channel in the subtle body through which prana and kundalini flow. The channels loosely correspond to the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Nadi also refers to the normal veins and arteries of the physical body.

Namaste: A tradtional Indian greeting. Two hands pressed together and held near the heart with the head gently bowed. Namaste means - 'I bow and honor the divine presence in you'. Namaskar is another variation of Namaste.

Nirvana: Characterized by bliss and freedom. Letting go of ego, passion and desire. Liberation.

Niyama: The second step in Raja Yoga, observance, purity and contentment.

The subtle, health-promoting substance through which consciousness and Nature's intelligence are connected the body.

Om: also written as 'Aum' according the Yogi's and Rishi's OM is considered to be the sound that represents the Ultimate Reality, the primordial vibration, which is prefixed to many mantras. Om shares many of the same meanings with its Semitic counterparts: the Hebrew "Amen" and the Arabic "Amin." All three are used to open or close prayers.

Om Yoga:
A practice that combines Buddhist meditation with an emphasis on alignment and fluidity.



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