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Tea Time

One of the highlights of an early morning practice usually refers to the aroma of homemade yogi tea wafting from the kitchen. Sure, you can purchase Yogi Tea bags at any health food store, but why not put some love into making it from scratch?

It’s well worth a bit of chopping and measuring for the multitude of benefits you’ll receive. Black pepper is a blood purifier; and cardamon, a digestive aid. Cloves help support the nervous system, cinnamon helps the bones, and ginger is for digestion and the immune system. Both cardamon and ginger help reduce mucus, relieve gas, stimulate agni (digestive fire), and eliminate ama (toxins). Black tea is optional. Add some soy, rice, or almond milk to assimilate the spices. You may add a touch of agave nectar, as well. Try to brew up a homemade pot of yogi tea to stash in your fridge and enjoy—warm or cool—after your practice. Also try some Tulsi tea to increase your sattvic energy. After all, the tea you drink even counts toward your overall water intake, while bringing a moment of calm to your day.



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