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Yoga Vacations

Even if this is not your first yoga vacation, choosing among the vast number of offerings can be a challenge. How do you select the experience that's right for you? With a bit of common sense and the right resources, it's not as hard as it might seem. Ask yourself the right questions, and you'll soon determine the type of yoga vacation that best suits your needs.

You'll want to start by looking for ways to narrow down the field of options. For instance, if you've already found a teacher and yoga technique you like, you're in good shape. Even if your teacher doesn't offer yoga vacations, he or she should be able to recommend retreats with other teachers of the same style. If not, begin to narrow it down by location. Determine what makes the most sense for your practice—and your budget. There are a seemingly endless number of options, both in the United States and abroad. What makes most sense for you? Would you be more comfortable booking a prepackaged deal that includes flight and hotel reservations, or are you willing to arrange your own accommodations to save yourself a buck or two? Will you enjoy a tropical hideaway or a mountain setting? Once you've got an idea of where you'd like to go, your search truly begins. Wherever you end up, just make sure you schedule plenty of time for yourself and your yoga...


puravida yogavacations said... 10:22 PM  


Places with warm climates and beautiful beaches are very popular destinations for yoga vacations. Here, people enjoy the combination of healthy living and vegetarian eating which is central to the yoga retreat. Thanks a lot.

Yoga Vacations

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