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G-Glossary ;)

More and more terms:

Gautama: Siddhartha Gautama abandoned a life of comfort as the son of a. local king and dedicated himself to finding a way to end human suffering. At first he was an extreme ascetic, but eventually found a "middle way" and finally, after meditating intensely under the bodhi tree, he had a vision of the entire cycle of birth and rebirth and with it a path of non-attachment that showed the way out of sorrow and suffering. With perfect enlightenment he became the Buddha.

Ganesha: An elephant-headed God, son of Shiva who takes away all obstacles and is the God of good fortune.

Ghee: Clarified butter.

Govinda: Another name for Krishna, who is also referred to as Gopala.

Granthi: Blockages of energy within the body. Literally, a "knot". In order to experience self-realization, the knots must be released.

Grihastha: A person at the second of the four stages of life, the stage of the householder.

Gunam: Inner beauty.

Gunas: The three (raja, tamas, sattva) basic qualities of nature that determine the inherent characteristics of all created things. They are: purity, light, harmony and intelligence, activity and passion, and dullness, inertia and ignorance.

A personal spiritual teacher or guide who has himself achieved spiritual insight. From at least the time of the Upanisads, India has stressed the importance of the tutorial method in religious instruction. Classically, the pupil lived at the home of his guru and served him with obedience and devotion.

Guru Gita: A sacred text consisting of mantras that describe the nature of the Guru, and the Guru-disciple relationship.

Gurukul: Traditional Hindu residential schools of learning; typically the teacher's house or a monastery.



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