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What Does Asana mean?

For newcomers, - I forgot to mention what's this - asana?
As you know (I hope you know it), the benefit of yoga practice goes far beyond the actual time you spend in the poses. And don't forget that the main goal of Yoga practice is to fuse and blend the human spirit with the spirit of the Universe. In so doing the person practicing Yoga increases their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health along the way. It is the practice of living as one with the surrounding environment and the world as a whole, bla, bla,bla... So, to prepare your body so that your spirit can accomplish its mission you should combine a series of stretching exercises referred to as asanas! ;)

The word 'asana' literally means comfortable or stable position. There are multiple asanas and they are practiced with two objectives in mind. One is to condition the body to enable it to hold a particular asana for an extended period of time. When the body is in this resting form the mind is able to move into a meditative state allowing the spirit to also move along its path. The second reason that asanas are used is to bring about increased physical well being, mental alertness and spiritual health. The asanas open the body up to receive, release or otherwise balance the energy inside with that of the outside Universe. Therefore, you get physical benefit, as well as mental. And don't forget that each type of asana that you do also offers some very specific benefits! I'll try to describe them later.



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