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Yoga For Children

Recently I've decided to become a yoga instructor for children. You may ask why... Actually, I've got a proposition from my own teacher - she opens new class.
Of course I know that using fun imaginary animal poses, actions, sequences and balances you can help to increase a child's self awareness, build self esteem and strengthen their bodies. And that the practice of yoga offers an opportunity for children to gain a sense of peace and self confidence. BUT, how about my experience in teaching children? Yoga is much more than a kid's fitness class! I suppose I'm qualified enough - will see ;)
Just like adults - kids need time to learn to deal with life's daily pressures, too.
And as well as others, who begin practicing yoga to improve their health and well-being, children are impacted by their practice. With steady practice I expect your child gradually gain self-esteem, stress management tools, self discipline, enhanced academic performance, and improved athletic skills. But each asana requires guidance. Actually, some beginner children can often be more flexible than advanced adult Yoga practitioners, but they don't know their own limitations. And there is also a whole bandle of guidelines I should take into account... Will speak later ;)

9 Things You Should Know About Yoga for Children



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