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I-J Terms

Indra: Vedic God of being or life.

Ishvara: Ishvara literally means "Lord of the Universe". It is used to refer to a god who is seen as the personalization of the Creator Brahman.

Iyengar Yoga: This is probably the best known and widely practiced system of Hatha Yoga today. Iyengar is unique for its use of props such as cushions, straps, blankets and blocks to assist in doing the postures.

Jainism: Non-orthodox form of Vedic/Aryan teaching, emphasizing non-violence.

Japa: Reciting sacred texts, practiced verbally and mentally.

Jiva: Life. The individual soul; at one with the universal soul.

Jiva-mukta: Spiritual liberation. A combination of Jiva "life," and mukta "liberation." meaning to be spiritually liberated, while still living in a mortal body.

Jiva-mukti: A person who lives in the flesh, but has found spiritual freedom. A Yoga practice that is intellectual and physically rigorous.

Jnana Yoga:
The yoga of wisdom; the path to liberation based on wisdom, through the ability to distinguish between the Real and the unreal, and rejecting what is unreal.



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