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K - Glossary

Kama: Pursuit of desire. Also, the Hindu God of desire.

Kama Sutra: An epic tale of love and desire infused with all the pageantry, passion and vibrant color of 16th century India. An ancient Sanskrit text giving instruction on the art of lovemaking.

A breathing technique designed to stimulate and energize the body and the brain.

Kapha: The dosha governing all strength, substance, and structure of the body.

Karma: One of the central ideas of Hindu philosophy, Karma is literally action of any kind, including ritual acts. But Karma also includes the concept of cause and effect, the spiritual equivalent of Newton's law that every action has an equal an opposite reaction. Karma itself is the action and bad or good karma refers to past actions.

Karma Yoga: Yoga of service or work.

Kichari: A nourishing, easily digested porridge made of rice and dahl.

Knjee: A nourishing, easily digested rice-water drink.

Kirtan: Mantras that are sung to music. Chanting and singing devotional songs.

Kosa: Literally, "Covering" or "Sheath". There are five sheaths protecting the soul, the deepest reality or "Jiva", and that soul is not affected by the sheaths.

Krishna: An incarnation of God Vishnu, the God-man whose teachings can be found in the Bhagavad-Gita and the Bhagavata-Purana.

Religious action designed to purify and cleanse the mind (rites or ceremonies). "Undertaking", "process" or "activity".

Kriya Yoga: Technique of Yoga.

Reduction of the body, whether through purification and weight-loss measures, inadequate nutrition, or poor assimilation.

Kundalini: The body's energy that is found at the base of the spine; symbolized by a coiled female serpent. Kundalini yoga uses breath, sound, and meditation as its major resources - specifically, moving the breath along the spine to stimulate different energy centers.



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